Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging at Appleby Pharmacy

Appleby Pharmacy offers a free & convenient compliance packaging service. Each regularly prescribed medication, over the counter product (vitamins, supplements, aspirin) are included in the weekly compliance package. The compliance package is labeled with the day and time of each dose to assist you in taking your medications at the correct time allowing your medications to work optimally for you.

Supporting Compliance

Convenient Packaging

Appleby Pharmacy’s compliance pack is a convenient blister pack system in which prescription and prescribed over-the-counter medications are packaged according to your medication regimen.

Medication Management

Each blister is filled with all the pills that you need to take at that particular time of day, making it easier for you to ensure that you have taken the correct amount of medicines.

Weekly Distributed

Distributed weekly, these packs assist you in taking your medications at the correct time allowing your medicines to work properly for you.

Questions about our Blister Packaging service?

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FAQ About Blister Packaging

Is there a fee to have my medications dispensed in a blister package?

No. Appleby Pharmacy will dispense your daily routine medications & over the counter items in a weekly blister package free of charge. Ensuring our customers receive their medications accurately, safely and optimally is our #1 Priority.

Can I have my weekly blister packages delivered to me?

Yes. Appleby Pharmacy offers free contactless delivery. Speak to a pharmacy team member for more information.

How do I pay for any of my medications that are not covered by my insurance plan?

If any of your medications or over the counter items (like Vitamins) aren’t covered by your insurance plan Appleby Pharmacy will mail you a monthly statement. 

Will Appleby Pharmacy package my over-the-counter items like aspirin or vitamins?

Yes! Appleby Pharmacy will supply and package your over-the-counter items with your weekly medication blister package.

Can I bring in my specialty supplements or my own non-Appleby supplied medications?

Unfortunately, We are not able to package medications, supplements or over the counter items that are not supplied by our pharmacy. 

Can I receive my medications on a monthly basis instead of weekly?

The medication blister packages are dispensed in weekly packages however we can send more than one week of medication per delivery. We recommend having no more than 4 weeks packaged at a time in case there are any changes to your medication regimen.

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