MedsCheck at Appleby Pharmacy

MedsCheck is a service offered by the pharmacy that allows those eligible to schedule a 20 to 30-minute one-on-one meeting with your Appleby pharmacist to go over your medications and ensure you are taking your medications safely and how best to achieve optimal effect from them. The MedsCheck Program is for Ontarians taking three or more prescription medications for a chronic condition.

What to bring to your appointment


Bring Your Valid Ontario Health Card 

prescription medications

Any current medication containers, including those from other pharmacies and/or a list of all medications

over-the-counter remedies

Any non-prescription medications, vitamins and/or herbal products you are currently taking

Questions about MedsCheck?

Speak With A Pharmacy Team Member Today!

FAQ About MedsCheck

What if I am unable to come into the pharmacy for a MedsCheck?

Speak to a Appleby Pharmacy team member about the MedsCheck at Home program. This program is for patients taking three or more chronic prescription medications who cannot make it to a pharmacy. This helps those who are sick, frail, elderly or living in isolated conditions. A pharmacist will visit your home to talk to you about your medications and answer your questions. The pharmacist can also help clean up your medicine cabinet and remove unused or old medication.

Am I eligible for A MedsCheck?

Ontario funds the MedsCheck program for:

  • Anyone who takes three or more prescription medications for an ongoing, chronic condition
  • Anyone diagnosed with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes (even if you are not taking diabetes medication)
How can I book a MedsCheck?

Speak with a Appleby Pharmacy team member. We will assist you with booking a MedsCheck. MedsCheck appointments can be booked once a year. Our pharmacist may also follow up with you if you:

  • Are going into or coming out of the hospital
  • Have had major changes in your medication
  • Have a referral from your doctor
What does the pharmacist provide after the MedsCheck service?

After your MedsCheck you and your pharmacist will sign and date your MedsCheck personal medication record (a list of all your medications) and a copy of this record will be provided to you after the consultation and after the pharmacist has resolved any drug therapy issues. This may be immediately after the consultation if there are no issues or when the pharmacist arranges for the record to be provided. The completed MedsCheck record is signed and dated by the pharmacist and is also shared with your primary care provider.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Make sure you bring the following to your MedsCheck appointment:

  • All the medications you are taking, or a list of them
  • Any non-prescription drugs, such as vitamins and/or herbal remedies
  • Your valid OHIP card
Is there a charge for a MedsCheck consultation?

No. MedsCheck consultations are available to eligible Ontarians free of charge.

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