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Appleby Pharmacy proudly offers students in secondary & post-secondary co-op education programs an opportunity to work closely with our team of pharmacists & pharmacy assistants to better understand the important role that a community pharmacy plays in people’s lives.

Appleby Pharmacy is dedicated to supporting today’s students with become graduates that are experienced, confident and ready to navigate through their future career in a dynamic and ever-evolving setting.

Hey Students, Parents/Guardians, Teachers

Looking for an exciting experience that makes a difference in your community?

Appleby Pharmacy is your neighborhood pharmacy, proudly serving our community for over 15 years. If you are interested in a rewarding & engaging co-operative education placement then contact us today.

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Qoutes Orange

My co-op experience at Appleby Pharmacy really helped me gain so much working knowledge of how a small business/pharmacy runs and operates. I now see more than ever what a big impact pharmacies play in their community.

Julius Harrin

Qoutes Orange
Qoutes Orange

This co-op placement was such a great decision for me! There were so many different aspects of pharmacy that I was introduced to that I never really thought about before. Highly recommend!

Kate A

Qoutes Orange
Qoutes Orange

Thank you so much to my wonderful preceptors who took me under their wing! My time at Appleby Pharmacy gave me a lot of confidence with customer service, I’m normally pretty shy but over time I became more and more comfortable with communicating with customers/patients/physicians ,which will help me long term as I pursue my future career

Arya Weissberg

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