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Appleby Pharmacy customers have access to a full catalogue of home healthcare supplies at competitive prices, delivered right to your door. Speak to a pharmacy team member for more information.

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Mobility Aids, Daily Living
and Home Safety Aids

Appleby Pharmacy carries mobility aids to help you stay mobile, comfortable and safe. We carry items such as canes, crutches, walkers, slings and braces.

Conditions like Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and stroke can make everyday tasks difficult and even painful. We have a full catalogue of special-order products such as daily living aids and home safety aids for reachers/grabbers, easy-grip utensils, magnifying glasses, toilet seat risers, bathroom rails and many more.

Continence Care Supplies

Continence Care Supplies

Appleby Pharmacy carries a variety of brands and styles of continence care products such as pads, underwear, briefs, wipes, protective creams and under pads. Our sample program allows you to try before you buy, helping you find the product that’s right for you and saving you money along the way.

We have a full catalogue of all our continence care products and offer discreet packaging and shipping right to your door.

Ostomy Care Supply

Ostomy Care

Appleby Pharmacy has ostomy care products and resources to help you maintain your lifestyle following ostomy surgery. Our catalogue can be viewed online from the comfort of your home and orders will be discreetly shipped right to your door. 

Speak with our pharmacist for more information.

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Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy is used for a variety of treatments such as edema, varicose veins, thrombosis and is recommended for the prevention of ‘tired legs’ for those with active careers and lifestyles. We can help you choose the proper compression garment and show you how to use it effectively.

Our certified fitters are available by appointment and can assist you with finding the correct size, colour and compression grade for you. We have a personal fitting room for your privacy and convenience

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