Specialty Compounding

Appleby Pharmacy now offers specialty compounding through our Silver Specialty Rx program. Specialty compounding allows us to custom formulate medications to meet your specific needs such as pain management, dermatology, pediatric, veterinary care, and podiatry.

Areas of Specialty Compounding


The skin is the largest organ of the body and protects us from
microbes and harmful elements within our environment. All the
more reason to take extra care of our skin.

Pain Management

Chronic or acute pain can greatly interfere with a patient’s
quality of life. Compounding has allowed health care professionals to prescribe topical formulations modified to treat specific types of pain directly at the site.


Feet are the foundation of your body. Even more reason to take
good care of them. Using the right combination of ingredients can help treat and remove stubborn warts, fungal infections and foot pain.


Compounding has provided many options to make administration of medications easier for children. Specially flavoured medications, alternative dosage forms and
preservative free medications are just a few examples of how
compounding can help medication compliance for children.


As a pet owner you want
your animal to get the highest-quality veterinary care possible. Compounding can create different flavoured liquids, treats or other dosage forms with the right amount of medication for your pets size and condition.

Hormone Therapy

Coming Soon

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FAQ About Specialty compounding

Why customized compounding?

Compounding is creating personalized medication when a commercially available drug or dosage form does not meet the needs of the patient.

Do I require a prescription from my physician?

Yes, compounded medications need a prescription from a licensed prescriber.

Are compounded medications safe?

All prescriptions for specialty compounds must be prescribed by a licensed practitioner and compounded by a regulated professional. Silver Specialty Rx complies to the regulations set forth by NAPRA and USP 795 Guidelines.

Why might I require a specialty compound?

There are many different reasons why a physician would prescribe a specialty compounded medication. Difficulty swallowing pills or capsules, allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients and non-compliance are just a few of the reasons why a patient may require a customized medication.

What are some of the different medications a compounding pharmacy can prepare?
  • Oral Solutions and Suspensions
  • Capsules
  • Suppositories
  • Lip Balms
  • Creams and Ointments

And much more!

Do insurance companies cover compounded medications?

Most insurance companies will reimburse compounded prescriptions. Patients can submit claim forms manually and be reimbursed if direct billing is not an option. Consult with your insurance provider for eligible benefits.

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