7 Services Offered By Local Independent Pharmacies

Pharmacist on computer talking to patient

How good is the service offered by your local pharmacy? Local independent pharmacies play a vital role in providing healthcare services to their communities. Most people are not aware of the extent of the services local independent pharmacies offer to people with all types of health and wellness needs. They offer just as much as […]

9 Tips for Staying on Top of Your Medications with Your Pharmacist

Pharmacist talking with patient

Your local pharmacy can play a significant role in helping you manage your medications and your overall well-being. With pharmacists now being able to write some prescriptions and with them taking on a bigger role in healthcare overall, people should work more closely with pharmacists. Staying on top of your medications is important for managing […]

8 Over-the-counter Products Recommended by Pharmacists for Common Ailments

People experience all types of common health ailments. These are the things that are minor and you can usually treat yourself with over-the-counter (OTC) products. These products are a convenient and affordable option for treating common ailments. Most of these over-the-counter products are commonly kept at home. Pharmacists are specifically trained to recommend appropriate products […]

6 Tips for Working with Your Pharmacist to Manage Chronic Conditions

Pharmacist showing patient prescription, patient has panicked face

Managing chronic conditions can be a complex and challenging process that requires a collaborative effort between healthcare providers and patients. However, the role of pharmacists in helping people manage chronic pain is often overlooked.   Pharmacists play a key role in managing chronic conditions. They do this by helping patients understand their medications and ensuring that […]

5 Reasons to Consider a Local Independent Pharmacy

Pharmacist showing paper to customer

There are a lot of pharmacies in the marketplace today. But before you make the default decision to go to a big-box pharmacy brand, you should give some serious thought to an alternative option – a local independent pharmacy. Why? There are a lot of advantages to using a smaller local pharmacy. We will outline […]

Generic vs. Brand-Name Prescription Medications – What’s the Difference?

Pharmacist getting medication off the shelf

The cost of prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs can be expensive. Depending on the type, costs could have a wide range. A simple walk down the pharmacy aisle and you’ll see dozens of options to choose from. You’ll see the brand names you recognized and regularly see advertised.  But you’ll also see many generic brand […]

Ostomy Care – Products & Resources to Help Those Following Ostomy Surgery

Doctor holding ostomy bag

Your local pharmacy should be a place that offers you more than just your basic prescriptions and medication. Today, pharmacies have become a place for you to have all your healthcare needs covered. Having a pharmacy you can rely on for all your medication needs and healthcare supplies is particularly important after you have a […]

5 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Flu & Cold Season in 2022

Woman having a flu

The flu and cold season are upon us here in Canada. Unlike the previous few years of the pandemic, many scientists and health professionals are predicting a high rate of influenza in 2022.  The pandemic restrictions and social distancing helped to greatly reduce the spread of the flu and spread of other common viruses. But […]

Crutches, Braces and First Aid in Burlington

Man with Brace and Crutches

A local pharmacy is a destination to not only get all your medical needs taken care of but also a great source for people and care facilities to get medical supplies.  We offer a variety of medical products to assist people with all types of ailments. Whether you’ve just had surgery or a medical procedure, […]

Medical & First Aid Readiness Tips for this Summer’s Camping Trip

Family Camping Trip

Planning a summer camping trip is something thousands of Canadians do each year. It’s a great opportunity to break away from your busy daily life and decompress. You can enjoy nature, swim in the lake and cook smores over the campfire at night.  One thing you should prioritize as part of your trip planning is […]