5 Reasons to Consider a Local Independent Pharmacy

Pharmacist showing paper to customer

There are a lot of pharmacies in the marketplace today. But before you make the default decision to go to a big-box pharmacy brand, you should give some serious thought to an alternative option – a local independent pharmacy. Why? There are a lot of advantages to using a smaller local pharmacy. We will outline them for you below:

Personalized Service

Local independent pharmacies often provide more personalized service and attention than larger chain pharmacies. You don’t have to wait in long lines to drop off or pick up a prescription. 

You’ll also experience the personal touch of a local business. Local independent pharmacies can provide a more personal touch and can create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere for patients. Employees take the time to get to know you better. They also have better communication with healthcare providers, leading to better care for patients. These things create a more trusting environment. Many patients have a higher level of trust in an independent pharmacist than in a chain store pharmacist.


Local pharmacies are inherently more convenient. They are often located only a few minutes from our home and in easily accessible locations. Many offer local delivery services to patrons who cannot physically make it to the pharmacy in person. 

Plus, you can have peace of mind in knowing you are providing support for the local economy. By choosing a local independent pharmacy, you can support small businesses and the people in your community.

Knowledgeable Staff

Independent pharmacists and staff have a deep understanding of the community they serve and can provide personalized advice and recommendations. They take the time to get to know their patrons and the common ailments people are experiencing g in the community. As a result, they will cater their inventory to ensure the needs of the community are met.

Cost Savings

With rising costs and inflation, many Canadians are looking for more affordable options, including when purchasing medication and health products. Independent pharmacies may offer lower prices on generic drugs and other products compared to bigger chains. They have lower overhead and this can be reflected in their pricing.

Added Value Services

Local pharmacies have greater flexibility in the types of services they can offer. If they don’t offer a specific service and there is demand in the community, they have the agility to make adjustments to their services based on customer needs. 

They also offer value-added services such as medication management, ensuring that people are taking the right medications at the right time. Plus they offer specialty services such as compounding, vaccinations, and medical equipment.

Choosing to support a local pharmacy is beneficial for everyone. You can get the personalized care you need while supporting a local business in your community. Consider 

Appleby Pharmacy for all your medication and health product needs.

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