8 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Local Neighbourhood Pharmacy

Woman in Pharmacy

Neighbourhood pharmacies are the heart of the community. They are the place you can turn to when you or your family are sick. They offer valuable health advice. If you have a neighbourhood pharmacy, you’re probably well aware of what makes them so great, but here are a few things you may not know about your local neighbourhood pharmacy.

1. They can save you money

Even if you have prescription drug coverage to help cover the cost, drugs can still be a costly and unexpected expense. Pharmacists have the knowledge to offer alternative solutions, such as generic drugs or even over-the-counter solutions that may provide you with the same benefits but save you money.

2. They know your community

Neighbourhood pharmacists are knowledgeable about their community and will be able to offer invaluable insight into programs or services that are offered in your area.

3. When you visit them, you’re supporting local

When you support your local neighbourhood pharmacy, you’re really supporting your neighbour: someone who works and lives right in your community. This also means that it’s likely most of their money is being spent within your community as well: they’re shopping in your grocery store and going to your local restaurants too. Supporting local keeps money in your community and helps it to grow.

4. They support local too

Most neighbourhood pharmacists and owned and operated locally. These organizations care about the well-being of your community, and oftentimes support local community groups and organizations. Appleby Pharmacy has raised over $50,000 for Easter Seals, and hosted or participated in several community events, such as the Appleby Pharmacy Santa Burlington Race, The Hanukkah Hustle Hamilton, The Hustle 4 Health event, Easter Seals Dancing With The Stars event and our Appleby Pharmacy Waterfront Trail.

And as a bonus, by supporting local pharmacies you are indirectly supporting those community groups too!

5. Their hours are just as great

Your neighbourhood pharmacy should be your top choice because they’re right there in your neighbourhood! While larger chains advertise their hours, most people don’t realize that neighbourhood pharmacies are also open 365 days a year, and late as well.

6. They know your doctor

Most neighbourhood pharmacies work with physicians in the area regularly. Some may even be in the same building as your doctor’s office. They have a direct line to your doctor and can ask any questions or get additional information as needed.

7. They can help prevent disease too

Many pharmacies offer consultations that can help prevent disease or complications. For example, Appleby Pharmacy offers free diabetes management consultations, free blood pressure monitoring and free one-on-one MedsCheck medication consultations with their expert pharmacists. 

8. Pharmacists are the most accessible health care providers

It can sometimes be difficult to get an appointment with your family physician, and the wait at walk-in clinics can be lengthy. But a pharmacist is typically available to offer basic assessments and when necessary offer treatment for common ailments.

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