Pharmacists vs General Physician – What is the Difference?

Female pharmacist working

Pharmacists and general physicians both play a very important role in helping people in society stay healthy. While they do share some similarities, they also have a number of stark differences. They are, after all, different professions, but within the same field.  Here we will look at some of the similarities and differences between these […]

Digitalization in Pharmacy

Businessman Holding Medical Icon

The digital transformation is well underway. Businesses across all industries are leveraging technology to change and improve the way they operate and service their customers. Pharmacy is no different. The onset of the pandemic has thrust digitization to the forefront as companies seek out new ways to operate. There was an immediate need to remain […]

Pharmacies As Care Destinations – The New Benchmark For Community Pharmacies

Pharmacist Client Interaction

The role of a pharmacy within the community continues to change. There has been a large shift in how pharmacies operate, and the types of services offered to the public. In the past, it was primarily seen as a place to fill prescriptions and purchase over the counter medication. Today, pharmacies are becoming care destinations. […]